How to Help Arkansas Tornado Victims (Plus 13 Photos from Vilonia)

Photo Apr 28, 2 47 21 PMLast night a severe weather outbreak devastated two Arkansas communities near my home in Conway, Arkansas. The cities of Mayflower and Vilonia are disaster areas with wreckage across miles of landscape.

Today, I spent several hours in Vilonia today helping two families who have lost everything and dozens of other volunteers were serving the the shelter at Antioch in Conway, in Mayflower, and in Vilonia.

I’ve been asked by hundreds of people how they can help. Here’s the best thing you can do right now:

  1. Pray for the families, volunteers, and officials working in these areas.
  2. Bring specific goods to places accepting donations. (more below)
  3. Help out where you can, when you can.

Good things to bring:

  • Toilet paper
  • Gatorade (instead of water)
  • Work gloves
  • Sunscreen
  • Snacks foods (like Snickers)
  • Plastic tubs and boxes

How to volunteer:

  • The best place to serve right now is not in ground zero. Crews are busy doing what only they can do and access is extremely restricted to the damaged areas – emergency personnel only.
  • Find a place like Antioch or New Life to volunteer there.
  • Later in the week, more volunteer areas will open up. Stay tuned for more information about how and where.

Photo Apr 28, 10 34 10 AM

Photo Apr 28, 10 34 21 AM

Photo Apr 28, 2 36 04 PM Photo Apr 28, 2 39 14 PM Photo Apr 28, 3 43 01 PM Photo Apr 28, 4 08 00 PM Photo Apr 28, 4 13 34 PM Photo Apr 28, 4 14 30 PM Photo Apr 28, 4 14 49 PM Photo Apr 28, 4 14 52 PM Photo Apr 28, 10 43 06 AM Photo Apr 28, 10 53 48 AM

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