Seven Apps That Will Build Your Faith in 2015

With Apple already setting records in 2015 with App Store sales, here’s a quick list of seven apps that will build your faith this year:

  1. Verses [$4.99] This app is the best Scripture memorization app I have ever seen – but don’t let “Scripture memorization” scare you away. I have always had a difficult time with this, but this beautiful app has made it easy and more than a little fun. Play games like tap to reveal, reorder, word bank, and type out and before you know it, you’ve memorized like you never believed you could. The price is steep relative to other apps on the App Store, but what else are you going to do with that iTunes gift card you got for Christmas?
  2. Prayer Notebook [Free] [$1.99] If you’ve ever had that panicked moment where you suddenly remembered that you were supposed to pray for someone but it totally slipped your mind – you’re not alone. Prayer Notebook is an app that logs your requests and reminds you to pray for them at specific times.
  3. YouVersion [Free] This app has been one of the most popular apps in the App Store since the App Store was created. With this app, which has over 167 million installs around the world, you can read the Scriptures, start a reading plan, take notes, connect to your friends as they discover the Scripture, and much more. Every Christian should have this app installed on their device.
  4. iBooks [Free] Yes, this is the standard book app from Apple. If you want to grow your faith on top of reading the Scripture, read books to expand your faith! I like having books on iBooks so I can read them anywhere I am. Some books that I’m reading right now include Too Busy Not to Pray, Navigate, and Developing a Theology of Leadership – you can always see what I am reading here.
  5. Podcasts [Free] So you’ve heard about podcasts for years, but this you is your time to finally take the dive and subscribe to a few (yes, they’re free). Podcasts have really grown my faith over the last few years. After downloading the app, try these – they’re my favorites:, The History of the Christian Church (it’s not boring), and Your Move.
  6. Day One [$4.99] This app is a simple, yet elegant journaling app. I know, I hated all those people who said journaling grew their faith – until I actually gave it a shot. Each day, I talk about what I did, the challenges I faced, and what God is teaching me.
  7. Music [Installed] No need to download this one, you already have it on your iPhone. I dare not leave this one out because of how powerful music is to the human soul. Whether you will admit it or not, the music you listen to regularly will point the direction of your life. Why not be pointed to God through those earbuds of yours?

So, that’s my seven – what am I missing from the list? Let me know!

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