Seven Apps That Leaders Need to Lead Well and Get Stuff Done

Last week’s post, Seven Apps That Will Build Your Faith in 2015, was helpful to many last week, so I decided to write a companion post with seven more apps – this time we’re talking to leaders.

As a leader, you want to lead well and get stuff done. Build your business. Lead your organization. Change the world.

This is a quick list of apps I use and how they help me to accomplish my mission:

  1. OmniFocus 2 [$19.99] Yes, this app is quite pricey, but I can’t imagine doing any project or job without the task organization power of OmniFocus. The philosophy behind this app can be read in the book, Getting Things Done by David Allen, or by skimming the cliff notes on the app’s website. Here’s the basic premise: you need to capture every thought you have about what needs to be accomplished and then tackle those tasks by due date and context. It’s totally worth picking up the book to understand how to get more done (and not lose your mind in the process).
  2. iBooks [Free] This Apple app is also on last week’s app list – just as reading will grow your faith, reading grows your leadership capacity. Harry Truman had it right when he said: “Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.” For a kickstart to leadership reading, try Next Generation Leader, Developing a Theology of Planning, and Good to Great.
  3. Reeder 2 [$4.99] This handy little app allows you to keep up with all the blogs you love to read. Basically, instead of going out and finding all the posts you missed since you last checked, this app collects all the unread posts for you. If you’re looking for a few blogs to read to make you a better leader, visit Michael Hyatt, EntreLeadership, and Tony Morgan Live.
  4. Calendar [Installed] I would think this one would be a no-brainer, but I am constantly surprised by how many people simply try to remember all the events they must attend. As your responsibilities increase, there’s no way you can simply remember all of your appointments.
  5. Evernote [Free] This app is absolutely the best remember-everything app ever. Make notes, capture images, save the contents of webpages, and more with this app. All of your notes are completely searchable – even document photos.
  6. Buffer [Free] Like posting to social media but don’t have the time? Buffer is the answer. Tell buffer how often you want to post to Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook and then enter posts – Buffer then posts for you automatically.
  7. MindNode [$9.99] Getting organized before you launch a product, start writing, or plan a vacation has never been more beautiful. If you like charts and pretty colors, this is your app.

So, that’s my seven – what am I missing from the list? Let me know!

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2 Thoughts

  1. Good list brother…I use the GTD method through Evernote using tags to demark contexts, but I cannot have it alert me on actionable items so I am thinking of switching to omnifocus.

    Also do you prefer reader over feedly?



    1. Thanks, Bryan! I would totally recommend the switch – OmniFocus is the gold standard for GTD apps. If you’re using GTD in Evernote, you’ll love the ease of use OF offers.

      On Feedly vs Reeder, I prefer Reeder for its simplicity and minimalism.

      Thanks for reading – hope you subscribe!


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