One Thing You Probably Missed Superbowl Weekend – And It Involves Players from Both Teams [With Video]

The NFL was embroiled in many, many ugly controversies this season.

Like Ray Rice.

And Adrian Peterson.

And, everyone’s favorite, Deflategate.

But, what if I told you that there are some players who are different. Some who are lights in the darkness of our culture. Some who actually live for Christ (more than just Tim Tebow).

The Bible is more than a book and several players from both Superbowl XLIX teams heavily rely on the Bible app to stay connected to God, grow their faith, and even disciple young students in their small group. Yes, you might only hear about the terrible stories that come out of the NFL (and our world), but there are lots of believers who love Jesus and are serious at about their faith.

Check out these two videos of Patriots and Seahawks talking about how the Bible app has (and is) changing their life:

Check out the original story here.

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