Five Ways Social Media Has Forever Changed Snow Days [with PHOTOS and VIDEOS]

Snow days are the best.

Yes, there’s a rush to the grocery store to buy six gallons of milk. Yes, teachers have to adjust their lesson plans. Yes, roads get dicey. Yes, you’re locked up with your kids in your home for days on end. Minor inconveniences, really.

Think back to your last snow day as a child – or your child’s last snow day.

There’s just nothing like the jubilation on a student’s face when they hear that school is cancelled.

But, there’s a few notable differences from when I was ecstatic over snow days and now: social media.

Here are five ways social media has changed snow days forever:

  1. Students don’t watch local news for closings, they watch social media. If there was a chance of a school closing, I would be glued to the ticker on the bottom of the KATV 7 News channel waiting for the long list of closings to finally wrap back around to the “C” schools. Today, the primary source for school closings are the social media pages for the districts.
    Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 9.55.07 AM
  2. There’s much more direct pressure on leaders to cancel (or not to cancel) school. Maybe it was just me, but I felt totally at the mercy of school administration when it came to school closings. That’s not the case anymore. Looking the the local districts, there were quite a few parents chiming in on both sides of the issue. On the collegiate level, students took to social media to make their wishes known. Here’s my favorite: (so you know, TK is the President of Central Baptist College and the caption on Instagram reads: “how @tkimbrow will make all CBC students feel if he cancels class tomorrow…”)
  3. Snow days are bigger than your neighborhood. For me, the world of snow days only existed as far as my neighborhood’s boundaries. Now, social media has made snow days much, much bigger. Now, I can enjoy my snow day in my neighborhood and beyond: near me, the next town overFayetteville, and even Washington DC.
  4. Daring has gone to a whole new level. While daring other kids to do crazy things on snowy days has always been around, social media has made the ritual more intense. Dares for likes and retweets makes risk even more rewarding.
  5. Bordom has a new face. Even though snow days are full of excitement and joy, they can quickly change to dull when the sun goes down (especially if you don’t have power). Instead of playing cards and listing to *NSYNC on your AA battery-powered Discman like a late-90s, early-00s kid, students now TBH on Instagram and Snapchat bored faces to pass the time.

Though snow days have changed because of social media, one thing is still the same:

Students. Love. Snow days.

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