YouVersion Updates Their Bible App – Did They Listen to Me?

Way back in February 2014, I decided I’d give redesigning one of my favorite apps, YouVersion, a try.

When I first created these mockups, Apple had released iOS7 and YouVersion was looking outdated. Since this post more than a year ago, YouVersion updated their app with a nice, yet not radically redesigned interface.

Until last week.

Last week YouVersion, a ministry of, released the update I’ve been waiting for.

This update is beautiful, clean, and simple.

So, did they take any design cues from me? You decide:

YouVersion Redesign.004I’m honestly a little surprised that YouVersion didn’t drop “YouVersion” for “Bible” since they bought and all browser-based online reading redirects there.

YouVersion Redesign.003
While my design is simpler, I prefer theirs.

Verse Picker
YouVersion Redesign.002
The new design is simply a more modern design of the old design. While I like the look, I still think it’s a slow way to pick a verse and doesn’t fit into the general method of picking data in iOS.

Reading Plans
YouVersion Redesign.001
This may be the closest design to mine.

Overall, nice job YouVersion.

I honestly believe that this app will be talked about for hundreds of years as we look at major turning points in the history of Christianity. At the time of this writing, these are the vitals of the YouVersion app:

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 9.00.05 AM

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