I Cannot Believe What Life.Church Did Last Year

Though things can seem dark around the United States and the world, I believe that we are experiencing a renaissance of sorts in the church. Church planting movements are booming and new churches – like Life.Church – are doing things that have not been previously thought possible (or even thought about at all)!

On the last day of 2016, I got an email from Life.Church’s Open Network that caused me to almost weep out loud in celebration of all that God had done through them in the past year.

Seriously, for a few days, I would pull up this email on my iPhone and show anyone who would listen how God was moving through the ministry and leadership of Life.Church.

I’m just floored.

So, just to explain a little of my excitement, here’s their infographic along with a little commentary from me…open-life-church-one

Wow, they thanked me – all I did was use the resources that they generously gave away!

First up is their Open Network. Basically, this is a free site that gives away everything they create and use at Life.Church: sermons, sermon notes, graphics, videos, human resources documents, kids’ ministry materials, and a ton more.

open-life-church-twoA few highlights:

  • Nearly 400 thousand church leaders downloaded at least one thing in 2016. That’s a church who’s serving other churches!
  • They’ve inspired eleven other churches to join in on the generosity.
  • In the last ten years, they’ve given away over nine million resources – that seriously blows me away. That’s serious generosity.

Next up is Church Online. It’s a platform they developed to host church services online. That’s not just Livestreaming a church service, that’s connecting viewers to pastors live and providing counseling and opportunity for making decisions in an online setting.open-life-church-three

A few highlights:

  • Sixteen million people attended church online. Read that last sentence again. That’s incredible. Now, there are some of you who question the legitimacy of doing church online – I mean, is it really church if it’s online? Debate all you want, but they’re reaching people and they’re providing a way for other churches to reach people, too. Besides, I’ve heard them say that a huge percentage of those who tune into Church Online are from restricted and hostile nations.
  • Nearly 100 thousand have accepted Christ. Providing next steps and a pastor to walk you through next steps was a major innovation from Life.Church.
  • Virtual Reality Church? That’s really neat. Why shouldn’t the church be on the front lines of technology for spreading the Good News of Jesus?

Up next is Church Metrics. This is church management platform that Life.Church simply gives away. While I do not currently use this app, it certainly seems useful – especially the feature that lets you see how weather affects your attendance.

open-life-church-fourLastly, Develop.Me is, in common terms, a human resource tool for church staffs, but its innovation is that facilitates churches growing leaders. I have not used this tool either, but I am very interested in putting it to use in the future.open-life-church-five

open-life-church-sixAnd then they thank the 400 thousand who were a part of the Open Network this year.

Life.Church, thank you.

Thank you for the resources.

Thank you for the inspiration.

Thank you for the example.

Thank you for the generosity.

Thank you for your leadership.

You are changing the world and helping other churches to do the same.

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